Predicting Melodi Grand Prix 2023 Heat One – Norway in Eurovision Song Contest

Melodi Grand Prix 2023

Norway will use the Melodi Grand Prix to select who will represent the country at Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool. Twenty-one artists will compete over three heats on January 14, 21, and 28. Three artists from each heat will move on to the Melodi Grand Prix final on February 4.

Of all the countries with a national selection process, Norway is one of my most anticipated. In 2022, Norway sent Subwoolfer with “Give That Wolf a Banana.” They were one of the performances that made me say, “okay, I can get into Eurovision.”

As with my previous write-ups for Estonia’s Eesti Laul and Ukraine’s Vidbir, I will focus on what I see as the standout songs, followed by my predictions. For Melodi Grand Prix, I’ll do a write-up for each heat with a follow-up before the February 4 final.

Alessandra :: Queen of the Kings

When I first played this song, I thought, “this is a cute, traditional song,” and then the beat dropped at 48 seconds and I was ready to go to war with She, Queen of Kings. I don’t know enough about Norse history to know if the song is about an actual Queen (and googling doesn’t help). I can’t wait to see this one performed on stage.

Ulrikke :: Honestly

Ulrikke is the popular frontrunner to represent Norway. The song has all of the elements one expects from a Eurovision song: slow-building crescendo, big bombastic vocal moments, and tragedic, heart-wrenching drama. I have no doubt this one is going to the finals.

Rasmus Thall :: Tresko

This is such a funky, fun song. It gives off strong Justin Timberlake Future Sex/Love Songs-era vibes. It went straight into my “Eurovision Earworm 2023” playlist. It likely isn’t going all the way, but it could make it to the finals.

Umami Tsunami :: Geronimo

Although not in my top three, I wanted to take a moment to comment on this song. I initially wrote it off when I first saw the name. From an American history perspective, the use of “Geronimo” can often be cringe-inducing. However, I’m glad I gave the song a chance because Umami Tsunami does the Apache freedom fighter justice (at least, as much as one can in a pop song). The song features inspirational lyrics about seizing the moment and taking back control: “don’t waste your life waiting for your moment to shine.”

Predicting Melodi Grand Prix 2023 Heat 1

  1. Ulrikke :: “Honestly”
  2. Alessandra :: “Queen of Kings”
  3. Rasmus Thall :: Tresko
  4. Umami Tsunami :: “Geronimo”
  5. Byron Williams Jr & Jowst :: “Freaky for the Weekend”
  6. Kate Gulbrandsen :: TĂĄrer i paradise
  7. Eirik Næss :: Wave
  • January 10, 2023