Outside Lands 2018: Huey Lewis cancels tour due to hearing loss

Seeing Huey Lewis and the News would certainly have been one of the high points of attending Outside Lands this year. The band, steeped in decades of perfect pop hits, always create a rambunctious, must sing-along party atmosphere whenever they perform. Unfortunately, the 67-year-old rock frontman of the band has canceled the tour due to hearing loss.

As noted in the tragic tweet above, Lewis may have Ménière’s disease which can often result in permanent loss of hearing. As a result, Lewis can no longer find pitch while singing.

Huey Lewis Sports

Huey Lewis and the News is possibly best known for the 7x Platinum 1983 album Sports. The album features 80s classics like “The Heart of Rock-n-Roll,” “I Want A New Drug,” and “Heart and Soul.” Of course, we shouldn’t overlook 1986’s Fore featuring the undisputed masterpiece “Hip To be Square.”

Huey Lewis Fore American Psycho

Patrick Bateman in ‘American Psycho’ holding Huey Lewis and the News ‘Fore!’

We’ve updated the Essential California Music Festivals Guide to reflect this change.

  • April 14, 2018