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Kelley Deal talks The Breeders, Roller Derby, Knitting, All Tomorrow’s Parties and more

In 2009, I interviewed Kelley Deal for dane101.com. The Breeders were on tour supporting the “Fate to Fatal” EP and were scheduled to play a show at the Majestic Theater in Madison, Wis. on August 10. Hands down, it was one of my favorite conversations with an artist. For the last five years I had thought it was lost to the Internet abyss but this week I found it in an archive. 

kelley deal

Madison is a roller derby city and you’ve invited the Mad Rollin Dolls to have a table at your show. How did the Breeders get involved with roller derby?

Kelley Deal: Back in 1994 we did Lollapalooza in Chicago and my mom and dad went to the show and backstage my mom and dad had adopted this little 16-year-old blonde headed girl named Amy Whited. They were appalled that she had hitchhiked from St. Louis to come to Chicago. We just kind of hung out that day and at the end of the day my Mom and Dad gave her bus money and made her promise to take a bus home. So that’s how we first met Amy Whited.

Throughout the years we’d see Amy. If we were going through Chicago or St. Louis, there’d be Amy. Over the years we started exchanging emails and last year we were on tour and we went through St. Louis. And Amy had been involved with roller derby for a while, she had recently broken her leg…

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