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Rachel Nagy talks Detroit Cobras, Lafayette Coneys, soul music, and more

Personally, I’m a fan of rants and divergences during conversations, that’s why this interview with Rachel Nagy of the Detroit Cobras, which appeared on dane101.com on October 2, 2016, has earned itself the top spot on my list of favorite interviews of all time. It might be second only to my interview with Kelley Deal. When I originally wrote up my questions for Rachel Nagy I’d planned for a 15-minute interview. Thanks to her rocket fuel drenched brain and stream-of-consciousness way of speaking, we were on the phone for a solid half hour. I wouldn’t trade a second of it.

Detroit Cobras Rachel Nagy

We unintentionally covered everything from how she copes with road rage (she was on her cell phone in Detroit traffic), moving back to Detroit from San Diego, hot dogs, digging up a former soul musician from a crack house, and why you should never come at an ex-butcher with a broken bottle…and lots more.

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