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Jon Spencer talks heavy hogs and explosions galore

Jon Spencer is a unique individual in the world of independent music. While it isn’t uncommon for a well-known and prolific musician to have multiple projects during his or her career, it’s rare for more than two of those projects to be hailed with critical affection. Typically the cap is two, for example, Kim Deal with the Pixies and then the Breeders or David Lowery with Camper Van Beethoven and later Cracker. Spencer has managed to pull it off four times to date. First with mid-80s anti-rock band Pussy Galore, then fronting alongside his wife Christina Martinez (who was also a member of Pussy Galore) in Boss Hog, then most famously to date with the influential and genre-defying Blues Explosion, and now, and most likely not finally, alongside Matt Verta-Ray (of both Madder Rose and Speedball Baby) with the rockabilly influenced Heavy Trash.

jon Spencer heavy trash

Spencer and Verta-Ray brought Heavy Trash to the High Noon Saloon on Monday, September 25, 2006 with the garage-country-rock infused The Sadies opening and acting as backup band. Dane101 spoke with Spencer about Heavy Trash, his other side projects, and the future of the Blues Explosion.

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