Most of the words below (written forever ago and a day) are still true but this site is now mostly used for testing SEO and capturing content I wrote for the now defunct  UpOut.com before it disappears. 

Having successfully reshaped the reality of Madison, Wisconsin I packed up and moved to the Bay Area in February of 2013.

In Madison, the hours that weren’t filled up by my day job were typically devoured by event planning and running the city’s popular arts and politics news site, Dane101. It was a satisfying life and I often find myself missing my friends and the successful projects I left behind. However, I also find my life with my partner satisfying, so when she was offered a unique position in the Bay Area it took very little time for me to decide I’d support her if she decided to take it. After all, she spent the nearly four years we knew each other in Madison standing by me as ideas burst forth from my skull like Athena or my chest like a Xenomorph infant.

I also occasionally write about the comics and the SF comic book store scene over at The Shared Universe.