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9 Ice Cream Trends San Francisco Needs Right Now

No one would dare argue that San Francisco has a shortage of quality ice cream trends. Over the last three years, we’ve covered San Francisco’s must-try ice cream experiences, the uniquely San Francisco ice cream flavors, the bomb ice cream sandwiches, and more. Heck, we’ve even been so bold as to declare San Francisco “a holy Mecca for ice cream.” When it comes to flavors we’re number one and lucky as hell to live here.

Even with all of our fancy ice cream San Francisco is a little slow when it comes to playing the game of ice cream aesthetics. Sure, we finally have rolled ice cream, fish-shaped ice cream cones, and ice cream filled donut sandwiches, but those things have existed in other cities for years.

Here are some ice cream trends happening around the world that we’d love to see come to the Bay Area.

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