Festival Fatigue? Outside Lands 2018 Fails to Sell Out

Outside Lands, the annual music festival in Golden Gate Park, has failed to sell out with only one day remaining before the big event.

outside lands

This is unusual for Another Planet Entertainment’s premiere San Francisco weekend festival. Looking all the way back to 2013 the event has always sold out in advance of the weekend. 2015 saw tickets gobbled up in record time.

2013: July 24

2014: April 11

2015: March 26

2016: June 29

2017: August 3

This isn’t a bad development for festival goers. On one hand, it means last minute wristband purchasers don’t need to rely on opportunistic scalpers. Hurting scalpers is always a bonus. On the other hand, it means fewer people on the festival grounds and more room to move around.

Have we reached peak festival? Are people burned out on festivals? Other festivals are still selling out in record time, so maybe it’s simply a San Francisco based festival fatigue?

What’s causing it? Is it the lineup? Or the pricing? Maybe the loss of Huey Lewis?

Much of the discussion in the official Outside Lands Reddit seems to be focused on both pricing and the lineup. Most commenters suggest the undercard is strong while the top of the bill is weak.

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