Journey to Eurovision 2023: Sitting at SFO – Day One

My first stop this morning was to see my doctor. Exactly six weeks ago I had surgery on my right foot. Today was the day for my final x-ray to make sure everything was healing. As I’m currently sitting at the airport waiting to board a plane, it’s safe to say the appointment went well. I can alternate between my medical boot and sneakers. The objective is to transistion fully out of the boot in a couple of weeks. My Doctor felt confident that I’d be able to do this trip, so away I go.

I think I was holding my emotions back around this trip due to the uncertainty of the surgery. Now that I’m sitting here in the airport and seeing photos of the Eurovision Village grand opening I’m starting to feel excited. It’s happening. There’s no turning back now. If I get to Liverpool and my foot acts up I’m certain I can still attend the shows. It might limit the rest of the experience, but let’s not dwell on that until it’s actually a problem, yeah?

  • May 6, 2023