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Essential California Music Festivals Guide

The 2018 California summer music festival season just ended so it must be time for the 2019 California summer music festival season to start. How far are you willing to go for a music festival? Zero miles? We can’t help you. But if you’re willing to go at least a few blocks there’s probably a music fest happening nearby. If you’re willing to travel all the way to the desert there’s definitely┬ásomething for you. Once again, we’re starting to pull together a guide to 2019’s California music festivals starting in San Francisco heading to Los Angeles and beyond. This list is clustered by the┬ádistance starting from San Francisco (sorry, we’re SF-centric) and heading down the coast (admittedly, this format is a little confusing so we’ll probably arrange it by festival date at some point in the future). It’ll be updated as new music festivals and performers are announced.

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